Founded in 2011, Norwood Aviation management has years of experience in Aviation with a strong background in scheduled airlines with emphasis in all cargo operations, freight forwarding, supply chain and freight logistics.

Norwood’s focuses in facilitating aircraft sales, leasing and procurement, aviation consultancy and aircraft management.

Norwood team is a hands-on option that works toward achieving your aircraft and aviation objectives to meet your requirements and timeframe throughout professional and personalized service.

Adolfo Moreno, Norwood’s CEO, has over three decades of experience in the aviation field including aircraft maintenance, airline management, supply chain and logistics management. Adolfo is a true entrepreneur with proven experience and expertise on the multiple facets of the commercial aviation industry throughout the creation and development of a cluster of aviation entities. Adolfo is the founder and former sole member/chairman of 21 Air, a Boeing 767 All-Cargo U.S. Certificated Air Carrier created from scratch in 2014 which nowadays conforms a growing airline platform.



Norwood buys, sells, leases and facilitates aircraft trading while specializes in structured aircraft investment projects.

Norwood has deep industry relationships and years of expertise, allowing to successfully execute lease transactions. We assist airlines, financial institutions and leasing companies when selling or purchasing aircraft.


Boeing 747-200SF powered with CF650E2 engines on
“AS IS” basis.

Boeing 777-200 powered with Pratt & Whitney 4077

More freighters to become available soon


Sale-leaseback is a method of financing. If your company needs liquidity, your aircraft or engine can serve as collateral for a loan throughout a sale-leaseback transaction. Sale-leaseback can free the equity tied up in aircraft or asset. Even if there is no pressing need for funds, a sale-leaseback allows you to use the equity tied up in your aircraft in a more productive fashion. Leaseback arrangements are usually employed because they confer financing, accounting or taxation benefits.


Full Freighter Conversions

Because of the strongest demand ever for freighters, there are several new conversion lines that emerged during 2021. These include options for both wide (B767’s, B777’s, A330’s) which first slots could become available mostly during late 2022 but the majority would be for 2023/2024 period. There are also several options currently available on one aisle aircraft bodies (B737-800’s, A321’s).

Class “E” Supplemental Conversions

Pandemic has seen the resurgence of operators packing freight into the main cabins of passenger aircraft.

Carriers have been allowed to transport cargo in the cabin by removing passenger seats completely. FAA/EASA have established exemptions that allow operators to fly in “Preighter” configuration for a limited time. Norwood is closely working with two firms that are developing a Class E Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for applicability on B777 aircraft which will include a cargo door for containerized freight in its final conversion phase. Final approvals are expected during current year.

At Norwood we could evaluate your specific market requirement and be able to provide professional advice to determine whether an alternate Class E supplemental conversion could be a fit to meet a specific cargo program.


A dry lease is a leasing arrangement whereby an aircraft financing entity (lessor) provides an aircraft without crew. Dry lease is typically used by leasing companies and banks, requiring the lessee to put the aircraft on its own air operator’s certificate (AOC) and provide aircraft registration. A typical dry lease lasts upwards several years and bears certain conditions with respect to depreciation, maintenance, insurances, etc., depending also on the geographical location, political circumstances, etc. Norwood may lease aircraft from our own portfolio on dry lease basis or could engage in procuring the aircraft of your choice.

A dry lease arrangement can also be made between a major airline and a regional airline, in which the major airline provides the aircraft and the regional operator provides flight crews, maintenance and other operational aspects of the aircraft, which then may be operated under the major airline’s name or some similar name. A dry lease saves the major airline the expense of training personnel to fly and maintain the aircraft, along with other considerations such as staggered union contracts, regional airport staffing, etc.


We provide aircraft owners Aircraft Management services, where we manage the technical side of the aircraft or the asset. Norwood also provides General Electric engines trading, repair and full management services. We also buy Boeing/Airbus surplus inventory. We comprise a solution-driven team of experts fully able to support your aircraft operations combining extensive experience of managing and overseeing flight operations, training, compliance and records, modifications and certification, engineering & maintenance contracts.


We provide consultancy services for new or special aviation projects. Norwood also provides route analysis, implementation and development. Our team provides professional guidance in obtaining worldwide both scheduled and charter authority. Norwood’s key team has substantial combined airline management experience on commercial, operations and maintenance. We could assist in structuring your aircraft operation and essential support functions to the highest standards of regulatory conformity and best practice, while ensuring that commercial considerations are fully managed throughout the process of planning and implementation. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in all areas of airline and aviation management.


Boeing & Airbus Aircraft Family Expertise.

10 Years Of Successful Track Record In Aircraft Sales & Leasing.